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Anthony Cicoria:  an upstate New York orthopedic surgeon who died after being struck by lightning. Dr. Cicoria, upon being resuscitated by CPR, was able to recall with remarkable specificity exactly what occurred while he was dead: his ability to move through walls, glimpse events that were occurring – events in some instances verified by those close to him.  

Pamela Reynolds Lowery: an Atlanta songwriter who, in order to repair a giant brain aneurism that threatened her life, needed a fairly drastic form of surgery that required for the duration of that surgery the cessation of all heart and brain activity -- as well as the injection of powerful anesthetics before the operation took place. In other words, she was, for all practical purposes, dead for around an hour, incapable of seeing, hearing or thinking. Nonetheless, as her doctor, Karl Greene, her husband, and her grown daughter all tell the author, Pamela saw and heard virtually everything that went on in the hospital’s operating room while dead.  

Jayne Smith: an actress who died – briefly – while in labor and found herself during an extraordinary encounter with three strangers communicating her questions about the meaning of life.  (And having some of those questions answered).  

David Bennett: a ship’s engineer who drowned off the coast of Ventura, California, but returned with vivid recollections of a spirit family he met while dead.  

William Taylor, who endured three fatal heart attacks, two of them in hospital, and returned to life after resuscitation with vivid memories of  having glimpsed the stars, planets – in short, the entire universe.  

And most especially, the doctors, nurses and scientists who have spent a fair portion of their careers listening to these accounts, examining them, and taking them very seriously.

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