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If you caught a glimpse of heaven, would you choose to come back to life? Investigative journalist Judy Bachrach has collected accounts of those who died and then returned to life with lucid, vivid memories of what occurred while they were dead, and the conclusions are astonishing. Clinical death—the moment when the heart stops beating and brain stem activity ceases—is not necessarily the end of consciousness, as a number of doctors are now beginning to concede. Hundreds of thousands of fascinating post-death experiences have been documented, and for many who have died and returned, life is forever changed. These days, an increasing number of scientific researchers are turning their studies to people who have experienced what the author calls death travels -- putting stock and credence in the sights, encounters, and exciting experiences reported by those who return from the dead. Interviewing scores of these “death travelers,” along with physicians, nurses, and neuroscientists, Bachrach carefully unravels some of the mysteries of the afterlife, and redefines the meaning of both life and death. Glimpsing Heaven reveals both the complexity and the surprising joys of life after death.

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Author Judy Bachrach 

Ms. Bachrach will be a speaker at The 40th Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference August 8 - 23, 2015 in Monreal, Canada
Conference 1, Session 3, Saturday, August 15, 2:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m., "Surviving Death: How the Spirit Continues"
She will participate in a second session Tuesday, August 18, 2:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Judy Bachrach was on Dr. Oz on September 18th and December 25th!! Watch the video online at the Dr. Oz web site.

Ms. Bachrach appeared at the Bethesda, MD Barnes & Noble on September 3.

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Glimpsing Heaven is full of lively, vivid, engaging reporting. And it is delightfully funny...


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Bachrach, Judy. Glimpsing Heaven: 
The Stories and Science of Life After Death. National Geographic. Sept. 2014. 288p. notes. ISBN 9781426213700. $25; 
ebk. ISBN 9781426213717. PARAPSYCH

Near-death experience is the common term for when an individual undergoes physical death but after resuscitation has memories of retaining consciousness and awareness of what happened while they were dead. Investigative journalist and Vanity Fair contributing editor Bachrach (journalism, John Cabot Univ., Rome) attempts to find out exactly what happens when we die, through interviews with doctors, nurses, hospice workers, researchers and those who experienced near death—which she says is a misnomer. There is nothing “near” about it; these people met all the definitions of being clinically dead. Death travelers (­Bachrach’s term) are consistent in reporting being drawn to a peaceful white light or tunnel, often meet dead relatives or other beings, and commonly watch medical practitioners working on their corporeal bodies or observe their loved ones reacting to their demise. This happens to young and old, men and women, atheists and religious types alike. As medical science advances these reports are becoming more plentiful. VERDICT There are previous books on the subject, such as Raymond Moody’s Life After Life, but this book’s journalistic approach makes the topic accessible to the secular and skeptical crowd.—Janet Tapper, Univ. of Western States Lib., Portland, OR

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