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In her long journalistic career, JUDY BACHRACH has worked at the Washington Post, the Washington Star (as a political columnist) and is currently a Vanity Fair contributing editor as well as a professor of journalism.    She is most recently the author of GLIMPSING HEAVEN, The Stories and Science of Life After Death, which was published in September, 2014 by National Geographic books, and is available on Amazon as well as at Costco, Target, Sam's Club and Barnes & Noble.  The book is a journalistic odyssey filled with the author’s extensive interviews with those who have died and then been resuscitated – ordinary individuals who return to life with vivid, specific and structured recollections of what Bachrach calls their death travels. She also interviews the doctors, scientists and nurses who have examined both the death travelers and their memories of what occurred during those voyages beyond life’s borders – scientists, doctors and nurses who find these memories credible and accurate.    Bachrach, who lives in Washington DC, is a graduate of Chatham College and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She speaks fluent French and Italian.

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